Psystar Officially Throws In The Towel, Shutting Down

Apple vs. PsystarPsystar has officially thrown in the towel, and is in the process of shuttering its doors. Representing Psystar, attorney Eugene Action told The Wall Street Journal that company president and cofounder Rudy Pedraza will be terminating the company's eight employees, and will then be, "shutting things down immediately. They will not be in business."

The move comes in response to having lost a copyright battle with Apple Inc. in regards to Psystar selling unauthorized Mac clones and software that allows users to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware. In that court case, Apple proved to the court's satisfaction that it had a copyright on Mac OS X that prevented Psystar from legally engaging in its activities.

As part of the judgement, Judge William Alsup granted Apple a permanent injunction that prohibits Psystar from making Mac clones, selling or distributing software that allows users to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, or from abetting anyone in doing the same.

The company's Web site went offline Thursday, and today's comments suggest the company is calling it quits, despite having, in theory, a non-Mac related business. Mr. Action also told The Journal that Psystar still plans on appealing the ruling to a Federal appeals court.