Psystar's Web Site Back Up - Rebel EFI Listed, No Macs

Apple vs. PsystarHis comments come as part of a three part series The FTWith a great, shuddering gasp of refuse-to-die, we noted over the weekend that Psystar's Web site was back online. The re-opened site still features Rebel EFI, the company's software that allows users to run Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, though it is listed as out-of-stock. Psystar's line of Open(Whatever) computers is not to be found.

On Thursday, we had reported that the company's site was down following a court injunction preventing the company from selling or distributing unauthorized Mac-clones or software that allows people to run Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

Psystar is also enjoying conflicting statements being issued by its lawyers. On Friday, Eugene Action, on of the company's early attorneys, told The Wall Street Journal that his clients would be shuttering their company's doors and terminating its employees.

That same day, however, Camara & Sibley partner K. A. D. Camara, the attorney that took over, and lost, the copyright battle against Apple, told Computerworld that Psystar had no intention of shutting down.

"Regrettably, Mr. Action was misquoted in an early story that seems to have been picked up elsewhere," Mr. Camara told the magazine. "Psystar does not intend to shut down permanently."

Indeed, the company plans to fight for its right to sell Rebel EFI, the above-mentioned software that enabled users to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, despite the injunction that prevents the company from selling or distributing such software, or even helping anyone install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

Mr. Camara is not daunted, however, saying, "Psystar will proceed to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described in Judge Alsup's order. Psystar will also proceed with its antitrust case in Miami."

Mr. Camara refers to a part of the injunction whereby Judge Alsup did not specifically exclude or include Rebel EFI, but instead issued the blanket, broad, and sweeping terms paraphrased above.

In that section, Psystar was offered the opportunity to satisfy judge Alsup that Rebel EFI was somehow not covered by the injunction, but warned the company that if it chose to continue selling it, it would be at Psystar's own "peril."

So today, Rebel EFI is featured as the only product (other than a T-shirt) on Psystar's Web site, but is listed as "out of stock."