Psystar's Web Site Goes Dark

Erstwhile unauthorized Mac cloner Psystar's Web site is offline as of this writing. The company's would-be Mac business was ordered shuttered by a federal court this week as part of a permanent inunction sought by Apple following a copyright legal fight between the two companies.

While Psystar had a non-Mac business -- it's main business model was making cheap PC computers on which one could run one's OS of choice, including Mac OS X with the help of software (more or less) developed by Psystar called Rebel EFI -- it's not yet clear if the company intends to try and continue selling its PCs.

Judge William Alsup granted Apple a permanent injunction against Psystar that prohibited the company from selling PCs with Macs installed on them, selling or distributing software that allowed users to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, or in any other way assist anyone in doing so.

The company has until no later than December 31st of this year to comply with the order, but the judge stipulated that, "if compliance can be achieved within one hour after this order is filed, defendant shall reasonably see it done."

Psystar's Web Site Down