Public Memorializes Steve Jobs At Apple Stores

Many will remember Steve Jobs and will miss him even though they’ve never met the man. Nowhere is that more evident than at many of Apple’s retail stores, where the company has allowed the public to leave brief messages expressing their grief and sympathy concerning the death of Apple’s co-founder and former CEO.

Store staff are offering Post-it Notes on which a message is written, they then allow people to stick them to store windows. They are even allowing gifts of flowers to be placed under the makeshift memorials.

Jobs Memorial

The Apple Store Millenia, in Orlando, Florida
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The Apple Store in the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, for instance, has dedicated an entire window to the purpose. Customers and passerby’s from all over the world have stopped by and paid their respects, leaving messages in their native language.

Jobs Memorial2

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Many Apple retails stores around the country are providing the service where weather or safety concerns allow it. If you’d like to stop by a store and leave your own message we recommend that you call ahead to see if stores near you are participating.

Jobs Memorial3

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