PunkTrader for Mac: A Day Trading Game Based on Historical Data

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baKno Games released PunkTrader 1.0 on Friday, a stock trading game that allows gamers to test their day-trading skills on real historical stock market price movements.

PunkTrader randomly picks one of the 20 most actively traded stocks and takes the gamer to 9:30 am Wall-Street time at the beginning of a random trading day within the last 5 years. Once the game starts, the gamer battles against the price movements of the stock by buying and selling shares.

The objective of the game is to make a profit. PunkTrader is available for Mac OS X as well as Windows. Gamers can choose between three different game modes: Quick Play, Training and Career. In Career mode, PunkTrader saves the accumulated profit or loss at baKno's servers, allowing the gamer to keep track of his/her trading performance, and compete for a wealthier position at the leader-board.

Single seat licenses are priced at US$19.95. There is also a promotional two-seat license available for US$29.95. Both can be purchased and downloaded at the banko Games site.

Punk Trader 1.0 Screen Shot

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