pureLIGHT Provides Global Illumination Tools for Game Studios

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pureLIGHT Technologies announced the availability of pureLIGHT on Friday. pureLIGHT is an advanced lighting solution for gaming engines. pureLIGHT offers a real-time iterative detailed viewing of light maps as they are generated. This allows users to adjust settings while lighting is in progress.

pureLIGHT also employs the following features:

  • pureLIGHT automatically unwraps models
  • pureLIGHT supports 3D applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, or any program that will export in the Collada standard
  • pureLIGHT supports multi-core rendering

The application is now available for use with Torque 3D, GarageGames' game engine. pureLIGHT licenses are available at a variety of price points for professional studies as well as educational institutions through the pureLIGHT Web site.

Screen shot made from pureLIGHT


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