Purported iPad 2 Case Shows Up at CES

Engadget is reporting that it found a likely case for an iPad 2 at the CES booth of accessory maker Dexim. While images of supposed iPad 2 cases have been making the rounds lately, Engadget says the one they were shown has an iPad 2 mockup inside. Reporter Paul Miller wrote: “It was so intriguing that we asked to put our own iPad inside, which is when we were told it wouldn’t fit, since the case was designed for the next iPad.”

He added: “Indeed, the mockup that we found inside the case was a tad bit slimmer than the first-gen iPad, with a taper leading to the edges that reminds us of the iPod touch, and a home button positioned nearer the bottom edge. We found all the typical cutouts on the case, and their mirror on the machined mockup, including a large square for the speaker.” He said the speaker is larger than the one on the first iPad, and the mockup includes holes for cameras in the front and back.

The case also includes a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically sticks to its front cover. More images of it can be found at the Engadget article.

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Engadget’s intriguing CES find