Puzzled? 3 Free Puzzlers For iOS

(Note: There is a simple encryption puzzle in the following text. See if you can solve it.)

Puzzles don't make the best gifts, even to those who seem to like them. (1) WheN you're a kid with an attention span measured in seconds getting a thousand piece puzzle might feel more like getting punishment than getting a present. Puzzles are hardly rEcognized words in the lexicon of most teens. The puzzlEs young adults are familiar with are those that deal with the opposite sex.

It seems that as We grow older, maybe after age 30, we start to appreciate puzzles for what are, the mental equivalent to barbells.

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Studies havE shown that the mind is very much like a muscle in that the more you exercise it the more fit it becomes or stays. (2) It actually doEsn't require a lot of time and effort, especially now that most of us carry powerful computers in our pockets. The type of puzzlE doesn't seem to matter either. Whether you like gamEs like The Room where in order to complete it you must solve a series of puzzles that require different types of thinking or perhaps you prefer number games like sudoku where completing the grid in record time is the payoff.

AnytHing that requires you to think in ways outside your normal routine is fair game. (3) Some of my friendS like to break out a tough thousand piece puzzle on raining days. We'll each work on an area oF the puzzle, sipping wine and chatting as the object on the table slowly, but surely displays what we see of the box cover. others like the solitary gratification of solving a sudoku puzzle quickly. Still others Like word games.

I was into sudoku for a wHile, and Words with Friends, but now I'm looking for new challenges, something that forces me to think differently. If you're lOoking for some different kinds of puzzle challenges then you've come to the right place. I've got three puZzlers that should sharpen your gray matter nicely. So leTs get to it.

DOOORS [20.3 MB, runs on all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0 or later, Maker: ODAKO Co. Ltd]


You're in a room. There's a door and you want to leave, but you can't open the door. No, you're not in a poor remake of a Luis Buñel movie, you are playing DOOORS, a game that looks deceptively simple.

The object of the game is to open the door so you can leave. Trouble is that you need to find out how to open the door, turning the knob just won't do all the time. Each door presents a unique puzzle, some simple, some not so simple, but if you pay attention and think, the solution will often become quite obvious. And that's the attraction of DOOORS.

DOOORSThis should be easy, right?

This is an ad supported free game. The ads are not overly obnoxious and the puzzles are not overly tough. You should be able to breeze through many levels with a bit of concentration. DOOORS is a nice little puzzlers. Give it a twist.

Montezuma Puzzle [48.3 MB, runs on all iOS devices capable of running iOS 4.3 or later, Maker: ECO Pawel Jarosz]

Montezume Puzzle

If you're a Tetris fan then you may like Montezuma Puzzle. Instead scrambling the fit falling puzzle shapes into a line at the bottom of the screen you try to arrange shapes into a predefined cutout. The faster you are the better your score.

Easy, right? Well..., maybe. You can't change the orientation of the puzzle pieces or the cutout, so each piece must fit the way its presented. Not so easy now, right?

Montezume PuzzleYou know where it goes...

This would an great little puzzler if it weren't for the full screen ads that pop up unexpectedly. As it is you'll have to push pass the ads to enjoy the game, and it is enjoyable. There are 400 cutouts to work through so grab it and get to work.

Sudoku 2 [47.2 MB, runs on all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.1 or later, Maker: Finger Arts]

Sudoku 2

By now most folks are familiar with this numbers game, but for the few who aren't let me get you up to speed.

There are 9 rows and columns in a grid divided into 9 boxes in which there are 9 positions. Some of the positions have numbers in the them. The object is to complete the grid by putting numbers, from 1 to 9, into the positions such that there are no duplicates in any row, column, or box. Piece of cake!

The easier puzzle have more numbers already filled in. Even so, there is a logical approach to solving these and that is why sudoku is so popular. This version adds a nice little twist. There's a multiplier in the upper right of the screen, as time ticks on the multiplier ticks down from 30. As you complete the puzzle you score points by placing all of any number on the grid. That number is multiplied by the multiplier and added to your current score. So, if you finish all the 9s, for instance, and the multiplier is 20 you'll get 180 points added to your score. Your final score when the puzzle is complete is a result of time and strategy, and that gets posted in Game Center for your friends to see.

Sudoku 2The multiplier add a little something to the mix

There's a small unintrusive ad at the bottom of the screen. Sudoku 2 is a familiar game with a nice twist. Give it a try.

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