Quick Facts & Numbers from Apple’s Q3 Conference Call

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In Apple’s 3rd quarter conference call with analysts, the company regularly offers details in its opening statement and in the Q&A session with the analysts that go beyond the company’s results press release. We’ve collected some of those details below.

  • Apple’s Mac unit sales increased 33% year over year to 3.47 million units, well ahead of IDC’s numbers for the overall PC market, which grew 22% year-over-year.
  • Apple wasn’t specific, but said that both desktop and laptop Mac sales beat the overall market.
  • iPod touch sales 48% year over year
  • iPod revenue grew 4%, even while unit sales decreased 8%.
  • iTunes sales up 25% to more than $1 billion
  • There are now 225,000 Apps on the App Store
  • That includes 11,000 iPad-specific apps
  • There have been 5 billion app downloads
  • iPhone unit sales great 61% year-over-year to 8.41 million, well ahead of IDC’s latest estimates of 38% global smartphone sales growth.
  • Apple has now sold 100 million iOS devices
  • Apple’s average selling price (ASP) for the iPad was $640 for the June quarter, with $2.1 billion in total sales
  • Apple Store (brick and mortar) saw record revenue, with each store averaging $9 million. Total Apple Store sales were up 73% year-over-year
  • Apple Stores sold 677,000 Macs, which was up 38%. Apple claims that half of those sales went to new Mac users
  • Apple has 293 Apple Stores open around the world
  • Apple is budgeting $175 million for the iPhone case giveaway the company announced in response to “Antennagate” — this money will be accounted for during the September quarter
  • Apple COO Tim Cook said that iPhones have been deployed or are being tested in 80% of the Fortune 100 companies, and some 60% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 50% of the Fortune 100 are already testing or have deployed the iPad (See TMO’s full coverage for more information).
  • Apple saw 73% growth in Mac sales in the Asia-Pacific region. This includes 144% growth in China, 184% in Korea, and not quite 100% growth in Hong Kong
  • Spain saw 59% year-over-year growth



Didn’t they record 4 Billion in cash as well?

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