iTunes: Rename iDevices in iTunes Without Restoring

We had a “duh” moment this evening. After acquiring a new iPad, we wanted to rename the old one so as not to cause confusion. Unfortunately, the only method we knew of off the top of our heads to rename an iDevice was to restore it and set it up as a new device with a new name.

We had the iPad configured just the way we like it, except for the name, so restoring it was something we wanted to avoid if possible. And then, in one of those “it’s so simple, why didn’t we know this?” moments, we figured it out.

To rename an iDevice without restoring it, simply connect it to your Mac, open iTunes, find the device listed in the iTunes sidebar, and double-click the device’s name. Just as with a file or folder in Finder, the device name will open into a text-entry box and any replacement name can be entered.

Rename iDevice in iTunes

Double-click on the device’s name in the iTunes sidebar.

When done, simply press “Return,” and you’ll see the device’s name change in both the iTunes sidebar and in the device’s Summary page.

Rename iDevice in iTunesThe device is renamed without having to do a full restore.

We’re sure that many of you knew about this already but, for those that didn’t, we welcome you to share a “duh” moment with us.

You can change names on iDevices, too.You can change names on iDevices, too.

Bonus tip: You can change the name of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on the device, too, assuming you’re running iOS 5 or higher. Just go to Settings and tap General where you’ll see the name you assigned to your iDevice at the top of the list. Just tap the device name to change it.

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