QuickBooks 2010 Due in October

Intuit's QuickBooks 2010 for the Mac is due to hit store shelves on October 19 with major revisions that the company said are designed to help business owners get up and running faster, and better manage their company.

The new version of the business accounting application includes a GuideMe feature that highlights features for new users and shows how to perform common actions such as entering new customers, creating invoices, maintaining sales records, and paying bills. It also includes new reports that offer at-a-glance information, and offers an integrated credit card processing option as an add-on.

QuickBooks 2010 highlights the top ten most commonly used reports, includes customizable reports, creates timesheets, tracks billable time, and more.

QuickBooks 2010 for the Mac requires Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later and is Snow Leopard compatible, too. It is priced at US$199.99.