QuickBooks 2011 Adds Multi-user Support [Updated]

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Intuit announced QuickBooks 2011 on Tuesday with the promise of multi-user support for the Mac OS X business accounting and bookkeeping application.

“With the multi-user solution, which includes user permission controls, small business owners will be able to delegate important accounting tasks to others in the company,” said Intuit’s QuickBooks for Mac product manager, Will Lynes.

The new version of QuickBooks will support up to five users accessing records at the same time, and administrators can control the level of access individual users have to records. It will also include mileage tracking, the ability to sort transactions in account registers, quick export to Excel or Numbers, and better report customization.

QuickBooks for the Mac will include support for QuickBooks Connect for the iPhone and iPod touch, supports batch invoicing, and more. Support for sending invoices and estimates through Web-based email services such as Gmail and Hotmail, however, will be a Windows-only feature.

QuickBooks 2011 for the Mac will be available for download on September 27.

[Updated to note Gmail and Hotmail support is Windows-only.]

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So, as usual Intuit sees the Mac users as second class citizens.  Things that have been available for years on the Window version are still not available on the Mac.

Intuit is really a second class software developer.  After almost 20 years of using Quicken for my personal accounting I have dropped it as Intuit still has not updated it after three years.  While other software is still not up to all the things that Quicken will do, they are improving while Intuit has no plans to move their product forward.

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