Quicken Essentials Update is Essential

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Quicken has released Quicken Essentials for Mac, version 1.5, a money manager program, with essential features that were missing in the initial release. Included are check printing and exporting data into tax file format.

Quicken’s full list of updates:

  • Print checks.
  • Create spending reports.
  • Attach receipts and other files to transactions.
  • Manually edit investment holdings and balances, and accounts not automatically connected.
  • Export data into a tax file format and generating tax summary reports.

Quicken Essentials 1.5 for Mac is a free upgrade. QE is priced at US$49.99. It requires an Intel Mac and Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.

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Update is only essential if you use Quicken. I did for years but that was years ago.

I long since gave up in disgust. I don’t think I’d use it now if they gave it away free.

The Skeptic


Quite right.  Quicken is awful.  And QuickBooks for the Mac is equally bad, featuring zero integration with the PC version.


If I have version 1.4, is it a free upgrade?
I’ve logged and it asked me to pay anyway.


Crippleware.  Another insult from Intuit.


Intuit should be renamed Out-of-it.  The update notice they sent me today (11-23-2010) for Mac Quicken Essentials makes it sound like a mouse click will solve my problems and sooth my fury at them from past insults.  My problems started last Spring when they announced that the new Quicken I bought would become inoperative at the end of July.  They recommended changing to an online (cloud) system called Mint.com.  The latter requires that you send them all your passwords for bank accounts and they store all your transactions.  It seemed to satisfy all criteria we have been warned about to recognize phishing.

I researched all alternatives and came up with iBank.  Exporting from my old Quicken 2007 data worked, but the entries from the newest Quicken Essentials would only export to Comma Separated Values—no categories or quickfill transactions.  The export even mixed transactions from all accounts into a salad for users to chew.  The upgrade to essentials had made it summarily difficult to change horses in midstream.  I had to spend some hours on several days to get my data into iBank without losing any numbers, because iBank doesn’t import CSVs.

Software companies that promise financial accuracy and then dump you deserve NO second chance.  Mac users only hope of retribution from Intuit is to spread the word of what a bad choice it is.  My testicles are still hurting from being stepped on so recently.

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