Quirky Annnounces PowerCurl Cord Wrap for MagSafe Power Adapter

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Quirky announced Thursday the release of PowerCurl, a clip on cord wrap for Apple's 60W and 85W MagSafe Power Adapters used for MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The device is designed to fit on and around the power supply portion of the MagSafe Power Adapter, allowing users to wrap both ends of the cord into a compact bundle.

The company said the device also serves to elevate the power supply off of the floor (or other surface) when in use, which provides better airflow around it and keeps it cooler. An included clip (see

Quirky's business model is to take submissions from the public, present them for voting, and then manufacturing the winner once enough preorders have been taken. In the case of PowerCurl, pre-orders are being priced at US$7.25. The final MSRP will be $9.99 after it goes into production.

PowerCurl PowerCurl

PowerCurl from Quirky

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This is a really good idea because the built-in tabs for cord wrap distort the the cord to the point where it pulls away inside the MagSafe connector.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

OK, this guy needs to stabilize the end of the cord that goes into the brick. Then it would be really useful. I’ve lost one brick to the cord getting flakey at that end, probably from wrapping it too tightly.

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