Radio Shack Selling Virgin Mobile iPhone 5

Radio Shack has the contract-free iPhone 5 from Virgin MobileFollowing Virgin Mobile's announcement that it will offer Apple's iPhone 5 contract-free, Radio Shack has stepped up as as the first retailer to offer the Virgin deals. Shoppers can pick up the 16GB iPhone 5 off contract for US$549.99, the 32GB version for $649.99, and the 64GB model for $749.99.

Monthly subscription plans through Virgin Mobile cost $35 a month, or $30 for subscribers that use auto-payment.

Radio Shack is also giving shoppers a $50 credit when they trade in their old cell phone before July 27. For customers that don't want Apple's newest iPhone model, Radio Shack is offering the iPhone 4S for $399.99 and the iPhone 4 for $299.99 through Virgin Mobile.