Radio Execs See Future in iPhone, Smartphones

Corporate radio executives are seeing growth in digital listenership, helped by smartphone apps, especially iPhone apps. USA Today reported Monday that Clear Channel and CBS Interactive Music Group are both seeing growth in digital listenership at a time when most other facets of broadcast radio are in decline.

For instance, Clear Channel currently counts 10% of its listenership as digital in nature, boosted by the iPhone app iHeart Radio, a dedicated app for accessing Clear Channel-owned radio stations and specific programming. Clear Channel Executive Vice President Evan Harrison told the newspaper, "We expect to at least double that number. That's a modest goal."

CBS Interactive Music Group President David Goodman said, "In the last seven months, our streaming audience has doubled. It's a rocketship in listenership."

Online-only services like Pandora is currently adding 40,000 new users a day through its smartphone apps, including the iPhone, some 50% of all new users.