Radioshack Gets iPad 2 at 500 Stores March 29th

Radioshack will reportedly get iPad 2 units at its fleet of some 500 retail stores around the U.S. starting March 29th — that’s tomorrow, for those keeping score at home. The company is now advertising them on its Web site ( found the link), and Mac Rumors was tipped off earlier on Monday that the devices were coming to Radioshack shortly.

Radioshack has long been an iPhone reseller, and it will be among a handful of third party retailers selling the iPad 2. It’s not yet clear how much inventory Radioshack will have, and Apple is already struggling to meet demand for the device. The company just started its international expansion, and the company’s online store currently shows 3-4 week ship times for all six versions of the device.

Accordingly, if you’re looking for one and don’t want to wait, good luck duking it out with some of your fellow Apple fans at a Radioshack on Tuesday.

Radioshack iPad 2 Webpage

Radioshack webpage advertising the iPad 2