RailModeller 4 Ads 3D Layout Planning

| Product News

MacRailSoft announced the immediate availability of RailModeller 4.0 on Tuesday. The new version of the model railroad and slot car layout design application added support for 3D planning along with support for layers.

Version 4.0 added the ability to build layouts with different track heights and grades, added a grade profile view, added the ability to auto-layout terrain based on your layout's heights, added support for up to 99 layers in a layout with the ability to lock and hide layers, added support for 1:1 printouts, can export data for importing layouts into other applications, and more.

RailModeller 4.0 is priced at US$49 and is available for download at the RailModeller Web site. The new version is a free upgrade for all registered users.



I haven’t seen an ad for RailModeller but it sure looks like they ADDED 3D layout.

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