Readability Tries for App Store Approval Again

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The Readability team apparently had a change of heart and has resubmitted its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Web article reading app. The company hasn’t elaborated on why it’s trying again, although it did hint that the approval process may go better this time around.

“The Readability iOS app has been re-submitted. Coming soon: our open love letter to Apple,” the company said on Twitter.

Readability loves Apple again

The company’s app was previously rejected from the App Store for violating a new Apple policy that requires subscription services to pay the company 30 percent of the money it collects from in-app sales. The rejection raised concerns that software-as-a-service ventures would be subject to Apple’s policy.

When the company discovered that Apple wouldn’t allow its app on the App Store, it published an open letter condemning the move and pointing out that Apple uses Readility’s features in its own Safari Web browser application.

The Readability team didn’t elaborate on why it decided to resubmit its app for approval, but based on the company’s tweet, there’s a good chance they had an opportunity to talk directly with Apple about their concerns.


Roget A.

As I said when their original letter was posted - pandering. They were trying to mean business, but the second half was still so awestruck and pathetically forgiving that it eliminated their clout.  If anything, it was probably that that changed Apple’s mind.  They like subservient partners/developers.


The App Store guidelines state amongst many other things that Apple has some process in place to handle incorrect rejections, but also that complaining loudly to the press and creating a lot of noise is not going to help your case. I would suspect that if “Readability” is submitted again, the checks against App Store guidelines would be handled in the strictest possible way.

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