Reader’s Digest Books Get Dedicated Spot in Apple iBooks

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The Reader's Digest Association announced this week that it was launching a dedicated Reader's Digest Books section on Apple's iBookstore. The deal gives fans of the company's books a landing page, but it also brings more attention to iBooks.

Reader's Digest on iBooks

Reader's Digest on iBooks

Reader's Digest is best known for its magazine of short stories and condensed longer stories, and that magazine is a popular one. According to The Times Online (subscription required), the magazine reaches more readers with household incomes of $100,000 and up than Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Inc. combined.

Robert E. Guth, President and CEO of Reader’s Digest Association, claimed in a statement that, “The number of readers who receive our books and magazines on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch continues to escalate."

In the same statement, Harold Clarke, President and Publisher, Books and Music at Reader’s Digest Association, heaped some praise on Apple's iBooks, saying, "The superb graphic layout the iBooks App provides brings out the best in our books and we’re excited to have a reading platform and a storefront that delivers our books digitally with great quality.”

Check it out, and if you do, use our TMO affiliate link to get there.



The prestige of having the premier purveyor of condensed books in their ibook store is exactly the kind of positive press apple needs right now.

Bryan Chaffin

Your snarky (and very funny, lest you think I’m being critical) point is a very good one, bartho, but I think this small bit of news has little to do with the echo chamber.

My personal bias is that the vast majority of Reader’s Digest readers don’t pay attention to the blogosphere. To this demographic, Apple, Android, and whatever are a distant tempest in a teapot, but reading is important.

The blogosphere couldn’t care less about Reader’s Digest, but Apple could well get some new customers looking at iBooks because of Reader’s Digest’s involvement.

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