Readers Report Media Player Bug In OS X 10.7.4

We’ve received reports from readers who are experiencing a bug in the recently released OS X 10.7.4. The bug manifests in the media player displayed with some media attachments in Mail. When it occurs, the right side of the media player us cut off, and the play head can disappear off the edge.

Media Player Bug

An Example of the Glitch, as Posted by Adam Christianson

The Mac Observer was able to recreate the problem by adding an audio file to an email. As shown in the screenshot above, the right side is cut off, and the play head will disappear off screen.

Recordings continue to play when the play head disappears, but users are left without control of the recording. One can still use the play and pause button, or click within the section of the playback window that is showing, but fine control past the edge are not possible.

OS X 10.7.4 was released on Thursday, May 9th, and this is the first bug we’ve seen associated with the release. The OS update patched four categories of bugs and included security fixes, as well.