REAL Server 2009 Release 1 is Now Shipping

RealSoftREAL Software announced that REAL Server 2009 Release 1 is shipping on Tuesday. REAL Server is REAL Software's cross-platform, multi-user database server.

The 2009 version features greater scalability, increased performance and 8 new features, including a new architecture, restore points and full-text searching. The new architecture supports over 10,000 concurrent connections from a single server installation. REAL Server 2009 also includes a plug-in architecture that can extend the SQL language, which offers the ability to change how results are sorted and to create custom server commands.

The REAL Server Developer Edition is free and enables developers to create an application based on REAL Server without paying any fees until they are ready to deploy their application.

REAL Server is available through the REAL Software Web site and comes in two editions: a 5 user/connections license for US$299 and an unlimited connection license for US$599.