REAL Server 2009 to Ship Next Month

SAN FRANCISCO -- REAL Software announced at Macworld that REAL Server 2009 will be released in 2009. Featuring a re-engineered, event-based asynchronous architecture, the new version of their cross-platform, multi-user database server will also offer: Multi Version Concurrency Control, which eliminates transaction locking; and support for external plug-ins, including all standard SQLite extensions.

REAL Server 2009 also allows users to restore databases from a backup or a restore log file, includes server-side cursors and client messaging, and can handle more than 10,000 concurrent connections.

REAL Server Developer Edition is free, although developers will have to pay fees when they're ready to ship their applications. REAL Server is US$500, with discounts for five-server ($2,000) and ten-server ($3,000) packages available. An unlimited deployment license costs $9,000 annually.