REAL Software Ships REALbasic 2009 Release 2

Austin-based REAL Software announced Tuesday the relase of REALbasic 2009 release 2, the company's programming and developing suite, on Tuesday. The new version includes more than 70 improvements and new features as well as COM automation support for Windows and support for MySQL. The company also released a new edition of REALbasic, REAL Studio that is geared specifically for full-time commercial software developers.

The new version and its subscription includes the following:

  • A license key that can be installed on any number of computers or operating systems to make development and testing easier.
  • A code profiler for optimizing code performance.
  • IDE Scripting for build automation.
  • A REAL Server unlimited connections license.
  • Priority technical support.
  • New licenses include 12 months of updates.
  • All of the features of REALbasic Professional Edition.

REAL Software Professional Edition retails for $299 and business licenses are priced at US$1,495. REALbasic and REAL Studio are also available in free 30-day trial editions.