REAL Studio 2009 v.3 Adds OpenGL Surface for 3D Images and Animation

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REAL Software, creator of REALbasic, a cross-platform development tool for creating software for Mac, Windows and Linux, is now shipping REALbasic and REAL Studio 2009 Release 3.

This release contains more than 100 improvements and 31 new features, including the addition of OpenGL support for 3D images and animation. The new OpenGLSurface control does require knowledge of the OpenGL language. However, there are some open source projects that are implementing a RB3D-compatible API on top of the OpenGL for developers who currently use RB3D.

REALbasic and REAL Studio are available in a free 30-day trial edition.



Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

REALbasic and now REAL Studio are still amazing products with a wonderful community. Last week, in some spare time, I whipped up a little Twittering tool that sticks a page in an HTML frame (with instructions for our followers), gets a TinyURL, tells you how many characters you have left (accounting for retweet) and tweets to multiple accounts. Three of us (1 Mac and 2 Windows) are now group tweeting @RealeBooksIdeas.

REAL Studio made this about a two hour project.

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