Rebellious Psystar Releases Snow Leopard Enabler for Generic Intel Hardware

Psystar announced Thursday the release of Rebel EFI, a standalone piece of US$49 software that enables users to install Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" on generic Intel hardware with supported processors.

The move comes in the midst of a legal battle between Psystar and Apple over the former's selling of unauthorized Mac clones, and hot on the heels of an audacious move by Psystar to certify third party computers for Snow Leopard. The release of Rebel EFI, however, is a direct-to-consumer way for Psystar to profit off of Mac OS X owners breaking their EULA.

"Rebel EFI allows for the easy installation of multiple operating systems on a single system," the company said on its Web site. "The authenticated version allows for the permanent installation of these OS's on your system, as well as providing the DUBL, supported hardware profile features and related drivers, and support for the application."

The "DUBL" referred to is the Darwin Universal Boot Loader, an open source-based boot loader that does the heavy lifting of allowing an Intel computer boot into Mac OS X, Windows, or another operating system.

Rebel EFI is listed as $89.99, but is being sold for $49.99. A two-hour demo is available, too.

We should note that Psystar warns users, "Psystar is not responsible for possible data loss due to installation or use of Rebel EFI." The company has also provided a handy 49-step set of instructions for your convenience installation help.

Rebel EFI Screenshot
Psystar's Screenshot of Rebel EFI

Thanks to LoopInsight for the heads up.