Recalled iPod nanos May be Replaced with Current Model

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Apple started a worldwide replacement program for first generation iPod nanos last month as a safety precaution because the batteries in some units could overheat. While the company planned to replace the five year old iPods with the same model, it now appears that at least some owners will get the current sixth generation model instead.

Commentors on the MacRumors forums have said the emails from Apple confirming their replacement nanos are on the way include serial numbers for the current model, and not refurbished first generation units.


iPod nano replacement programDefective first gen nano replacements might be the sixth gen model

The nanos with sixth generation serial numbers are scheduled to start arriving on Wednesday, and when they do, customers will know for sure exactly which model they’re getting as a replacement. It’s possible that they’ll still get first generation models, but with new serial numbers that match sixth generation units.

Apple alerted first generation iPod nano owners to the safety issue via email. The company stated, “Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the battery in the iPod nano (1st generation) may overheat and pose a safety risk. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006.”

The defective batteries pose a higher risk of overheating as they age, which makes it more important over time that users get the defective batteries replaced, especially since the original iPod nano is now at least five years old.

 Nano owners hoping for a quick replacement, however, are in for a disappointment. Apple said the process will take about six weeks, and based on what The Mac Observer is seeing, that’s a fairly optimistic estimate.

Shipping boxes for two of the iPod nanos TMO submitted for replacement with in minutes of each other the day Apple announced the program arrived weeks apart, and the earlier of the two has been showing a “pending replacement” status since November 25.

First generation iPod nano owners that haven’t checked yet to see if they have a unit with a defective battery should pay a visit to Apple’s replacement Web page. You’ll need your serial number, and if your nano is eligible for replacement, Apple will send you a return shipping for free.



I can confirm that my 1st generation iPod nano has been replaced with a current-generation (6th, I believe) 8GB model in silver, model MC525LL/A, presumably refurbished.  For what it’s worth, the device I sent back was top of the line back in the day, 4GB with engraving (a gift from my wife); it’s always possible that Apple will send refurbished older iPod nanos out to people who returned more basic versions of the recalled models and send better replacements to people like me who are surrendering fancier originals.  In any case, the upgrade was an unexpected Christmas gift, and I’m very grateful to Apple.


Damn. The two Nanos (both 4GB) we sent in worked OK, the battery was getting weak on one, but my wife used them with her made-for-1st gen Nano headphones (where the Nano goes in the phones). She hates dealing with cables and hates earbuds so she will be very disappointed if this is what we get. The irritating part is we waited a bit before sending them in until the various reports, supposedly quoting Apple sources, stated the replacements would NOT be new Nanos but refurbed 1st gens.

Anybody know of a similar set of headphones for the new Nanos?


Haven’t heard from Apple yet; but I am one of those strange chaps running Tiger from PowerPC chips. Therefore happy with 1st Gen. replacement; as I doubt new gen. pods would be compatible with system? Still I suppose, it’s another reason to shake out the wallet and get a new Mac Book.


Well, I received a shipping notice on the first replacement and the serial # is for a 6th Gen Nano.


Well, I received the first replacement shipping notice and the serial number is for a 6th Gen Nano.


This morning, I received a replacement for my 1st Generation I-Pod (which sat in a shoe box for 2 years due to a dead battery). Apple sent me a brand new 6th generation 8GB Ipod.


Yesterday received the 6th generation 8 gig Nano.  Heck of an upgrade for the refurbished 2 gig nano I purchased for my wife years ago.  Never really looked at this nano before - great features.

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