Recycling Center Scores Rare Apple I Computer

Always be sure you know what you're throwing out. That's the lesson one woman is learning after giving a rare Apple I computer to a recycling center as junk. The computer is valued at US$200,000, and one of about 200 computers hand built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Recycling center has $100,000 for mystery Apple I donorRecycling center has $100,000 for mystery Apple I donor

Employees at Clean Bay Area said a woman dropped off a few boxes filled with old electronics parts in April to clear out space garage space after her husband passed away. She apparently had no idea what she was leaving at the recycling center and didn't want a receipt for her donation.

After the center realized what was in the boxes they sold the Apple I to a private collector for $200,000, but instead of keeping the bankroll all for the business, the staff is hoping to locate the woman who left the surprise and give her half.

The staff says they'll be able to tell if the right woman shows up for the check, according the the San Jose Mercury News. "To prove who she is I just need to look at her," said company Vice President Victor Gichun.

Hopefully she'll turn up because the $100,000 that's waiting for her will no doubt be a welcome surprise.