(RED) Credits Apple for "Leading the Crew" by Raising $65 Million

U2 frontman and (PRODUCT) RED founder Bono told the world on Thursday that, "Apple is certainly leading the crew" of corporations raising money for the charity group. At the Clinton Global Initiative 2013, Bono said that Apple is responsible for more than $65 million of the $215 million total raised by the organization.

The (PRODUCT) RED twitter account then tweeted as much (via The Loop):

(PRODUCT) Red's—known as (RED) for short—mission is fighting AIDS around the world. The group partners with companies (mostly huge companies) and gets them to release (RED)-branded products, with a portion of the proceeds going to the group.

(RED) also told TechCrunch that, "Apple is an enormously valued (RED) partner. Their contributions help enable the Global Fund to finance the AIDS fight on the ground in Africa. This work is absolutely critical to ending AIDS."

Apple has long been a member of the project, starting with its iPod line. Today, Apple offers (RED) versions of iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad mini Smart Cover, iPad Smart Cover, iPad Smart Case, and an iPhone 4S bumper.

Apple's 2013 (RED) Product Line

Apple's 2013 (RED) Product Line

Apple has a dedicated page for its (RED) products where you can see them all at one time.

What's interesting is that Apple has been able to raise more than $65 million—some 30 percent of the total amount raised by (Red)—without releasing (RED) iPads, iPhones, or Macs. Apple didn't even do a RED case for iPhone 5.

That's not to criticize. I've no doubt more RED products will be coming, but it's staggering how much money Apple has raised with such a small portion of its product line. Should the company introduce a RED iPhone 5c or 5s, or an iPad, it could really make an astounding dent in fund raising.

As it is, the company should be commended for raising as much as it has.