Reeder for Mac Back as Public Beta

The popular Mac RSS reader app Reeder is back as a public beta after disappearing from Apple's Mac App Store when Google Reader met its untimely demise. Reeder 2 gives a taste of what's in store for the news reader app, including a redesigned interface, and integration with other services such as Twitter and Facebook.

Reeder 2 for the Mac available as a public betaReeder 2 for the Mac available as a public beta

Reeder 2 supports Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler and Fever, plus Readability for tagging articles for later review, and RSS without syncing through other services. More services are coming in future beta releases.

Google unceremoniously shut down Google Reader just over a year ago after taking over the RSS market. When the service was killed, it took many popular news reading apps with it because they relied on Google to manage user's feeds.

New services have been cropping up to fill the void Google created, and apps have been adapting to the new post-Reader world. Reeder creator Silvio Rizzi first updated the iOS versions of his app, so he pulled the Mac version from the App Store while he dove into the code.

Working on Reeder 2 has taken longer than he expected, but it's finally available as a free public beta. When the final shipping version hits the Mac App Store, you'll have to pay for that. There isn't any word yet on when Reeder 2 will be ready for the Mac App Store, or how much it will cost.