Refurb Store Hides iPod Classic From Sidebar

It appears the days of the white slab of music are numbered, as the Refurb section of the US and Canadian Apple Store sites no longer have the iPod in the sidebar, MacRumors reported Thursday.

As first noted by MacRumors, the iPod Classic page still exists on the site, but it is no longer easily accessible. There aren't any items listed now, and removing the link from the sidebar means that is unlikely to change. Various colors and models of the iPod touch and iPod nano are still available in the refurb store and listed in the sidebar.

New models of the iPod classic are still available with 160GB of storage in both silver and black for US $249. Apple's iPod made its grand debut in late 2001, with the then bold claim of "1,000 songs in your pocket." As of September 2010, 275 million had been sold.