Refurb Store Hides iPod Classic From Sidebar

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It appears the days of the white slab of music are numbered, as the Refurb section of the US and Canadian Apple Store sites no longer have the iPod in the sidebar, MacRumors reported Thursday.

As first noted by MacRumors, the iPod Classic page still exists on the site, but it is no longer easily accessible. There aren't any items listed now, and removing the link from the sidebar means that is unlikely to change. Various colors and models of the iPod touch and iPod nano are still available in the refurb store and listed in the sidebar.

New models of the iPod classic are still available with 160GB of storage in both silver and black for US $249. Apple's iPod made its grand debut in late 2001, with the then bold claim of "1,000 songs in your pocket." As of September 2010, 275 million had been sold.

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This is probably going to be met by a lot of shrugs, but I have over a decade of fond iPod memories. Yeah the iMac made some noise, but the iPod turned it up to eleven.

When iTunes for Windows was released, Mr. Kelly bought his first ever Apple product: A black iPod nano. I still use my 5.5 gen 80GB iPod to this day in my car and in my house as an endless commercial free radio station of songs I know I like (because I put them there).

When it does go away, and I know it will, I will be sad for it. But now that Dr Dre's part of Apple it's cool if I pour one out for the iPod when that happens, right?

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I too shall mourn the passing of the iPod Classic. I’ve posted here before that AFAIK, I was the VERY FIRST person to ever buy an iPod, as I was able to obtain it from a Seattle area Apple Reseller the day before it was supposed to be released. I even had it completely full on first connection to my Indigo iMac, just shy of 1,000 songs as I have many songs that have long run times, like Thick as a Brick (43 minutes!) It didn’t take long either, as the FireWire connection was very speedy. Sadly, it went toes up within a week, but Apple promptly replaced it when I called the support line.

I would need many of these now to hold my music, as I currently have over 11,000 songs in my iTunes library.

I sold the replacement unit in 2003, but I still remember using it CONSTANTLY when I wasn’t working.


5th gen iPod has always been my absolute favourite.

My wife bought me a 16 GB Red™ one, and I’ve always been on the look-out for those as they remind me of so many great times we’ve had together.  I lost my original one in a park right before we had our first and only child.

I purchased a second hand one that had an engraving on the back; I’m always on the lookout for a “naked” one.  smile


We have three original iPod’s. I am wondering when they will become collector items?

Eolake Stobblehouse

External, tactile controls are important to me when I am walking or working or resting. I really hope they don’t totally disappear. A touch screen is great but it simply cannot replace everything.

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