Regulatory Approval gets New iPad Closer to China Launch

Apple’s third generation iPad is a step closer to an official launch in China following regulatory approval from the China Quality Certification Center. The government agency issued its China Compulsory Certification for the new iPad, which is required before the tablet can go on sale in the country.

iPad 3 closer to a China launchThird gen iPad gets closer to a China launch

The new iPad model still needs government approval for the wireless data components it uses for Internet and email access via cell service providers, according to Computerworld.

The third generation iPad was introduced on March 7 and hit store shelves on March 16 in several countries. China has historically trailed behind on Apple product releases because of the required government approval process.

Apple could face additional delays in China over Proview’s claims that the company never bought the rights to use the iPad name in in the country. The two companies are fighting in court over the allegations with Apple claiming it purchased the rights before the original iPad was even announced.

Considering Apple is still able to sell the iPad 2 in China, however, makes it likely that there won’t be any major problems with bringing the new model to the country’s customers.