Report Claims iPhone 6 Launching Sept 19

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New iPhones on September 19? MaybeApple is reportedly planning on launching the still unannounced iPhone 6 on September 19, according to sources speaking with the Chinese media. The company's track record makes a September release plausible, but expecting unnamed sources who are probably in the parts supply chain to know Apple's product launch plans seems unlikely.

So far, all that's known -- or presumed to be known -- about the next iPhone update comes from rumors. Based on those reports it appears as if the next iPhone will come in two sizes with a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display, a redesigned body that follows the iPad mini and iPad Air design, improved cameras, and faster processors. Considering Apple hasn't said anything yet, what's "known" is little more than speculation and leaked photographs, which means the company could have something completely different in store for us this fall.

Reports that Apple's manufacturing partners are ramping up factory worker hires in a serious way also support the idea that the next iPhone launch is coming soon. Foxconn is said to be hiring 100,000 new workers to build the iPhone 6, and Pegatron is increasing its workforce by 30 percent.

Assuming the reports are correct, Friday, September 19 seems like a reasonable date for the iPhone 6 rollout.

[Thanks to G 4 Games for the heads up]

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Apple hasn't made any announcements about new iPhone models, so for all we know the next model includes holographic displays and pink buttons. That said, the company's track record points to a September launch, and the 19th sounds like as good a date as any.

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Hope the rumor that there is no 128GB iPhone is wrong….

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