Report Claims iPhone Launch Event Set for Sept 9

Word on the street says Apple is planning a media event for September 9 to introduce the next iPhone model along with an updated Apple TV. The timing fits with the company's typical iPhone schedule and also happens to be the same date Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last year.

Report claims new iPhones coming September 9Report claims new iPhones coming September 9

Insider sources speaking with BuzzFeed said Apple is planning its media event for the week of September 7 and Wednesday, the 9th, is the most likely day. Apple will use the event to show off the next iPhone's features which are expected to include better cameras, the same Force Touch technology that's in the Apple Watch, and a better performance wireless processor.

Sources say Apple will finally update the aging Apple TV. The new model is expected to be thinner, sport a faster processor, support Siri voice commands, include a redesigned remote, and more. Apple could add third-party app support to the next Apple TV, too.

Apple could also have a surprise up its sleeve in the form of a larger display iPad model ready to show off at the event. If so, we'll most likely get to see a 12.9-inch display model the media has dubbed iPad Pro. Details on features for the rumored tablet are slim, and so far Apple isn't offering up any hints as to whether or not the big screen iPad really is in the works.

Assuming Apple still has about a month before its rumored media event, so it isn't any surprise there hasn't been an official announcement or invitations sent to journalists and bloggers yet. If Apple does host its event around September 9, watch for invitations to go out near the end of August.