Report Claims No Dual Lens Camera for iPhone 7

Apple's iPhone 7 won't sport dual lens cameras, contrary to earlier rumors that claimed it would. Or, more accurately, there's a new rumor that says something different than the old rumor, and no one knows what Apple really has planned for the next iPhone update.

The next iPhone will have dual rear-facing cameras. Or not.The next iPhone will have dual rear-facing cameras. Or not.

According to earlier reports, Apple was planning on packing dual rear-facing cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus for substantially higher quality photos. The phone would combine the data from both lenses, and sport an actual optical zoom—something we haven't seen on any iPhone model yet.

Next, there's a report saying the next iPhone will have a bigger display that's curved, along with a glass back, much like the iPhone 4. Rumors also say the headphone jack is being removed in favor of pushing audio over Bluetooth or the Lightning port, the phone's antennas will be redesigned, and the physical Home button will be replaced with a touch sensitive circle. Other reports contradict pretty much everything and say the iPhone 7 will be more of an iPhone 6s Mark II.

Now Weibo reports someone who works at Foxconn—Apple's iPhone manufacturing partner—says the dual lenses have been axed because Apple feels the technology isn't mature enough.

With all of that in mind, what we can definitively say is that Apple is working on a new iPhone. We know that not because the rumor mill is telling us which features will or won't be included, but because Apple CEO Tim Cook said so, and he said the next iPhone will include features we didn't know we can't live without.

So maybe the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera was cancelled, or maybe it's really a feature planned for the iPhone after that. Or maybe it's simply another feature Apple experimented with but didn't seriously plan to include.

Which brings us back to what we do know: Apple is working on a new iPhone model. That, and we'll be seeing more rumors and leaked photos before it's officially announced.