Report Says LG Making 9M Flexible iWatch Displays

Apple may be planning on shipping 9 million iWatch smartwatches in 2014, assuming information from insider sources is correct. That figure comes from a report that LG is the only supplier for the flexible displays Apple plans to use, and that it has 9 million on order.

New rumors say LG is making 9 million displays for Apple's iWatchNew rumors say LG is making 9 million displays for Apple's iWatch

Those same sources say that Apple will offer 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch displays on the iWatch, according to G4 Games.

9 million units this year seems far more reasonable than 65 million other reports suggest, especially considering the iWatch isn't expected to ship until later this year. That larger figure was inferred from parts order lists from suppliers.

Pushing out 9 million units in what will amount to a single quarter seems far more plausible than 65 million.

Apple hasn't confirmed that the iWatch is real, although it's very likely the company is working on some form of wearable technology, and it's probably focused on health and fitness. The company has been on a multi-year hiring spree bringing on board experts in health, fitness tracking and wearable tech, ands that's not the sort of thing Apple would do by chance.

What seems clear is that Apple has something in the works, and it's coming this year. What we don't know is exactly what type of wearable device is on the way, or how many units Apple expects to sell -- but 9 million this year seems much more plausible than 65 million.