Report: Apple #1 in Hollywood Product Placement for 2010

Long time Apple observers will be pardoned for not being shocked by this, but brand research firm BrandChannel found that Apple was tops when it comes to product placement in number one films in the U.S. box office in 2010. The company found that Apple had ten recognizable product placements in the 33 films that gained #1 status in box office receipts during the year, well ahead of the competition.

Nike, Chevrolet, and Ford were all tied for #2 with product placements in 24% of 2010’s number one films, while Sony, Dell, Land Rover, and Glock all tied for #3 with appearances in 15% of those films.

The firm also noted that Apple products have appeared in 112 of the 334 number one films from 2001 to 2010, or some 33.5%. This was only enough to rank as #2, though, behind Ford, which appeared in 144 of those films (43%). Coca-cola came in third for appearing in 96 of those films (29%).

What may be surprising, however is the fact that this year’s top ranking still represented a decline for the last two years. Apple was in 20 of the top 41 films of 2008 (49%), and 19 of the top 44 films of 2009 (43%), even while (or perhaps because, but that’s a discussion best left for grad students and research projects) the company’s fortunes have skyrocketed.

BrandChannel also noted that Apple appeared in at least another fifty films in 2010 that did not make #1 status. You can find the full list on BrandChannel’s website.

BrandChannel Chart

Source: BrandChannel