Report: Apple Close to Buying Chinese Game Developer

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Apple is close to reaching a final agreement to purchase Handseeing Information Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese game developer and online gaming services provider, according to a report from SinoCast. If true, the purchase would give Apple additional resources in developing both games for its iOS platform, as well as related gaming services infrastructure.

SinoCast reported the deal was in the neighborhood of US$150 billion, but a report from Chinese daily newspaper GlobalTimes reported the purchase price as being just under $150 million, a more realistic figure.

Handseeing was launched in 2005, and the company has worked with Sun and other companies to develop Java-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The company’s resume includes developing RIAs for Tianya Online, a social network in China.

Other companies have expressed an interest in Handseeing, including Foxxconn, one of Apple’s manufacturers, and SinoCast said those other parties have “added uncertainty” to the deal with Apple.

Thanks to MacRumors for the heads up on the article.

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Ginormous data center + Dropbox = Apple SOLVES its cloud woes.
Come on, Apple, buy Dropbox. not some stupid game company.


Come on, Apple, buy Dropbox.

I agree; has my three votes; yes, yes and yes

peter c

Do you think this acquisition may also have something to do with games technology being incorporated into the OSX user interface?

I’m thinking of that killer feature in the new OS Apple was referring to last week in a job posting for an OS Engineer.

How could you apply the 3D game metaphor to knowledge navigation?

Just a thought.


You read it here first!

“Just a minute honey, I’m on the phone rappin’ with Steve about how he should spend all that money.”

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