Report: Apple Considering Selling iPod POS System Commercially

Apple is considering selling the iPod-based point of sale (POS) solution it developed for internal use at its fleet of Apple Stores, according to a report from Though developed solely for its own use, the company is mulling this option due to the large amount of interest from small businesses, retail chains, system integrators, and others.

In examining its options, sources told that Apple executives have asked retail specialist at its Apple Stores to collect contact information from people who express an interest in the system.

Apple recently rolled out the new system at its Apple Store locations. By combining an iPod shell with a card reader and a dedicated POS app, retail store employees are able to conduct customer transactions directly on Apple's own iPods, giving the company control over the entire process of interacting with its customers.

Apple also developed a Mac-based POS solution for its retail stores when it began first opening Apple Stores in the early part of this decade. There was a lot of interest in that from small businesses, too, but Apple did not release it commercially.

Should Apple be able to market an iPod-based POS solution, it would represent an entirely new revenue stream in terms of hardware and software services. The POS market is a multibillion dollar market around the globe.