Report: Apple Holding Media Event in January

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Apple is planning a big media event in January, according to a report from The Financial Times of London and then confirmed by Fox News. The event will focus on the mobility space, according to an unnamed source within Apple cited by Fox News, a source that also characterized the event as being "big."

Word of an Apple event in January first began circulating in December, with consensus amongst those who watch Apple (i.e. just about everyone) that the event will focus on Apple's much-storied tablet device.

The event is scheduled for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a facility that Apple has used for media events in the past, with The Financial Times reporting that it will be held on January 26th. If the reports are correct, Apple is likely to begin sending out invitations to the media 2-3 weeks ahead of the event.



I think it will be the first Apple kitchen accessory:


I think it will be a new product. They will take the last generation of mini ball mouses and integrate the slapchopper into the base.


“It’s official, at least officially leaked - by Apple… On January 26th, Apple has a special press event scheduled to introduce a new Apple Tablet product. Assuming the leaks are not a huge misdirection / disinformation campaign to distract from something else entirely unbelievable - Apple’s second attempt at a successful Tablet product will soon be revealed.”


I’ll up you one: I predict Apple’s announcement will be of Steve’s ultimate achievement, the pinnacle of his existence (solo timpani plays)... Steve’s mind and existence will be transported to the internet; a.k.a. mobileSteve!

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