Report: Apple Increases iPhone Orders for Holiday Quarter

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Apple has increased iPhone production for the holiday quarter, according to a report from the print edition of Taiwan-based newspaper DigiTimes (via ITProPortal). The trade paper said that orders from component supplier Primax and manufacturer Foxconn Electronics have been increased between 17 and 20 per cent in expectation of increased holiday business for the device.

DigiTimes has often reported leaked information from Apple's manufacturing partners based in Taiwan, many of which have even been borne out.

Apple often sees an uptick in business during the holiday quarters, and an increase in iPhone sales wouldn't necessarily be a surprise. In fact, one might be excused for expecting it. However, with all eyes on Apple's every move, a leak from OEMs and suppliers is the kind of tidbit prognosticators can sink their teeth into.



the iPhone 3GS is still not available in many countries (India, Saudi Arabia, etc). So much for August 2009 :p

Bryan Chaffin

That’s a good point, Khaled, and the Chinese launch this weekend will be adding to sales for the quarter, too.

In any event, seems this this quarter is lining up to be another good one.

Constable Odo

What the hell!  Apple is going to HAVE to sell about 10 million iPhones this quarter just to keep it’s share price over $200.  Judging from initial turnout of the China Unicom launch, iPhone sales might be hard to come by in China any time this year.  Hopefully, Chinese buyers will catch on slowly but surely.

Apple product sales will be high this quarter, but analyst and investor expectations will be even higher.  Apple blew away all numbers and it’s back to where it was two weeks ago.  How that for spitting into a gale force recession.


About spitting into a gale force recession: yes, they have been.  And the stock sits at the point it did before the earnings.  Amazon, however, is up 30 percent (earnings surprise about 40% related to Apples 25%).  Sooner or later the non gaap number is going to be the number and the PE will be realized to be 20 - as opposed to Amazons 70.  When do you think that will happen?

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