Report: Apple Planning Grand Central Station Apple Store

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Apple is working on putting an Apple Store retail location inside historic Grand Central Station in Manhattan. The New York Observer reported that unnamed, but “reliable” sources have said the company is looking to put a store in GCS, but Apple hasn’t actually begun the long approval process needed to do such a thing in the historic landmark.

As part of its efforts to suss out confirmation on the story, NYO talked to various real estate entities involved with either Apple’s retail empire or with Grand Central Station itself. According to the newspaper, none of those sources would confirm the story, but none of them would deny it, either. Make of that what you will.

Furthermore, Apple wants to put its new store inside the enormous building, and not facing 42nd Street like current retailers The Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole. How Apple would do so, and what kind of services the company would offer are unknown.

The image below is from inside the terminal itself, the part of Grand Central Station still devoted to trains and the city’s subway system. Apple already has stores on 5th Avenue, in SoHo, the Upper West Side, and West 14th Street.

All of them are very successful and highly trafficked locations, and a location inside Grand Central Station would give the company even more exposure due to the stunning number of people that walk through the building every day.

Grand Central Station

Inside Grand Central Station:
Source: Wikimedia Commons



I think that is a good idea.  There is a huge amount of foot traffic through Grand Central Terminal(it is GCT and not GC station btw).  The other retail spaces are high end and doing well.


It’s a great location for an impulse purchase. Think “just one more thing” on the way to the trains home during the holiday season.

Bryan Chaffin

It?s a great location for an impulse purchase. Think ?just one more thing? on the way to the trains home during the holiday season.

Indeed. Impulse buys, especially on iPods and iPhones, and perhaps even some portable Macs, should happen aplenty. It would also be a GREAT place for many people to bring their Apple products in for repair on their way to and home for work and whatnot. Talk about convenient…

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