Report: Apple Reworks iPad Inventory Control

Apple has reworked the way it is managing iPad 2 inventory to try and smooth kinks encountered with the introduction of the iPhone 4 and iPad in 2010. According to a report from AppleInsider, Apple is now holding on to shipments delivered to its fleet of Apple Store retail locations until the next day so that its inventory control specialists have the time to “calmly and accurately” process them.

The story cites an unnamed source who said that the reservation system used by Apple for iPhone 4 and iPad last year was riddled with small glitches that made the process difficult for Apple Store employees and customers alike. These problems included disappearing reservations and other related issues.

Apple’s solution has been to slow the process down so that employees have the proper time to manage shipments of the popular device. AppleInsider’s source also said that customers are told a “little white lie” that the device they receive today was delivered just that morning in order to keep customers from being tense about having to wait a whole day longer than they might have otherwise wanted to wait.

There were many questions when Apple announced the shipping date of the iPad 2, an announcement that didn’t include any mention of the reservation system that allowed customers to reserve their device. Questions from The Mac Observer (and likely others) on this issue went unanswered by Apple, but AI’s story would seemingly explain the situation.