Report: Apple to Unveil Mobile Ad Network with iPhone OS 4

Apple will be unveiling an Apple-branded mobile ad network for the iPhone and iPad platforms during the iPhone OS 4 media event on Thursday, April 8th, according to AllThingsD. Citing unnamed sources “familiar with the matter,” the report confirms what has long been expected since Apple bought mobile ad company Quattro Wireless in January of this year.

Reporter Peter Kafka also suggested in his piece that the news will be greeted warmly by Google due to that company’s acquisition-in-progress of larger mobile ad company AdMob. Google’s purchase of AdMob has been held up by regulators concerned about the level of competition in the growing mobile ad industry, and competition from Apple could be the evidence that Google needs to convince regulators that the industry is healthy and competitive.

Somewhat ironically, Apple bought Quattro Wireless only after failing in a bid to purchase AdMob — that bid failed because Google beat Apple to the punch, but it’s possible that Google’s deal may only be sanctioned because of whatever Apple may introduce on Thursday.

In any event, Mr. Kafka also suggested that Apple could open up its mobile ad service to competing platforms, which only goes to show that unnamed sources familiar with the matter will only get you so far - this reporter will print this article and eat it if Apple announces a mobile ad network that is anything other than an iPhone OS-exclusive mobile ad network.