Report: Apple’s Brand Worth More than Microsoft, Google, Coke

A new report out of Europe on brand value shows that Apple has the number one brand globally, with a brand value of nearly $96 billion.

Eurobrand published several reports covering more than 3,000 brands in 24 countries and 16 industries. IT & Technology brands dominated. With Apple in the lead at $96 billion, Coca-Cola came in second at nearly $76 billion, and was the only Consumer Goods brand in the top five. Behind that were Microsoft ($71 billion), Google ($66 billion), and IBM ($64 billion). The top five brands were also all American.

In the figure below, Apple is the clear brand value leader, outpacing #2 CocaCola by a wide margin. The farther down the list you go, the closer the remaining nine are, with the bottom five all being neck and neck.

Top 10 Global Brands

Chart by The Mac Observer from Eurobrand data

Brand value is an intangible asset that is an indicator of the financial power of a company. It is often used during mergers and acquisitions to determine the value of a company beyond its physical assets. Eurobrand’s valuation also includes patents, something that Apple has a slew of. Brand value is influenced by “law, market and finances plus behaviour for brands and technology for patents.”

One of the benefits is “that strong brands with clear core values … suffer less than others in difficult times,” a concept that at least applies to Apple.

In the figure below, we show the Top 10 global brands as a percentage.

Top 10 Global Brands

Chart by The Mac Observer from Eurobrand data