Report: AT&T Customer E-mails CEO, AT&T Threatens Cease & Desist


 AT&T CEO Randolph Stephenson

Randall Stephenson

AT&T customer Giorgio Galante wrote two e-mails to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, according to Engadget, and AT&T responded with a threat to send Mr. Galante a Cease & Desist should he have the audacity to do it again. The response came from AT&T’s Executive Response Team, which also thanked Mr. Stephenson for his feedback.

According to Mr. Galante, his sent his first e-mail to Ma Bell’s CEO two weeks ago, a request for his iPhone upgrade eligibility to be moved up. He followed that up with a second on Thursday complaining about the new data plans AT&T announced Wednesday, and informing the company that he planned to leave AT&T and get an EVO 4G with Sprint.

Mr. Galante also told Engadget that he e-mailed both Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Mr. Stephenson a year ago to ask about tethering options for his iPhone. According to him, Mr. Jobs replied while Mr. Stephenson did not.