Report Claims Steve Jobs to be at iPad 2 Launch

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs may make an appearance at the company’s March 2 iPad media event in San Francisco, according to insider sources. Word of Mr. Jobs’s appearance comes courtesy of setteB.IT, and would mark an unexpected break from his current medical leave status.

Steve JobsApple CEO Steve Jobs speaking at a 2010 event

Apple will be hosting an invitation-only media event on March 2 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco where the second generation iPad is expected to be announced. Invitations for the event hinted at what might be in store with an image showing the corner of what looks to be an iPad.

Despite the insider information, it doesn’t seem likely that Mr. Jobs will be present at the media event since he has been publicly distanced from Apple since he started a new medical leave in January.

For now, reports of his attendance at the event should be treated as rumors.

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I would tend to doubt it. Or at least I hope he won’t be there - and caring for himself instead.

Since it’s to be expected that the iPad2 will mainly be just minor improvements or additions on an already successful product - it isn’t one he really needs to be at.

I’m betting though on the iPad3 launch that there will be some major changes, like with display, interface, and sizes - and that one would be fun to watch with Steve at the helm. Bam!


Oops!  make that: “Boom!”  lol


Anyone made an iPad 2 Bingo Card yet? These usually show up a day or two ahead of major Apple announcements, having rumors on each square. I was making a list of potential Bingo squares yesterday and even though I hadn’t heard anyone say Steve would be there, I figured it was worth putting on the list. Not along a diagonal, but somewhere on the card.


P.S. Here’s the list of potential Bingo squares I made.


I’m thinking there will be a demo of FaceTime for iPad and Phil will be onstage and will call Steve at home. 

(This would be a good way to get Steve there, and also control how much of his frail body is seen so he could have a better appearance than he did in the National Enquirer pics.)

Lee Dronick

I?m thinking there will be a demo of FaceTime for iPad and Phil will be onstage and will call Steve at home.?

A very good possibility.


P.S. Here?s the list of potential Bingo squares I made.

Nice work!
I would replace MicroUSB port with Thunderbolt,
And wouldn’t it be the rear-facing camera that would be the HD one?

And, that would be nice if Steve shows up through Facetime as suggested above by snaab4.

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