Report: Designing A4 Processor Could Have Cost Apple $1 Billion

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Designing the A4 processor that will power the iPad tablet could have cost Apple as much as US$1 billion, according to a report from The New York Times. In a piece looking at emerging processor designs and the contract manufacturers who actually make them, The Times said that designing the generation of chips being used in new devices costs as much as a billion dollars each, including Apple's A4.

The A4 was designed by the team of PA Semi, which Apple purchased in 2008. PA Semi is a fabless semiconductor design company, meaning the firm develops the design for processors - in this case processors based on the ARM processor - and then outsources the manufacturing of those processors to one of the companies who specialize on the fab end of the process.

The Times said it costs as much as $3 billion to build a modern fab, making this a game played by corporate giants. What The Times didn't note is that if its price tag guess is accurate, Apple's willingness to bet so big on entering this new phase of business means that it expects the rewards from sales of devices using the processor to be worth the risk.

With other companies like Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and newer, smaller processor firms, the return on investment (ROI) comes in the form of selling that processor to multiple companies for use in multiple products. For Apple, a company all about controlling the whole widget, the investment is on a processor that will only be used in its own products, which is roughly the opposite of spreading out risk.

Such a commitment, such a risk, hints at how big Apple expects the iPad, as well as future generations of the iPhone and iPod touch that will likely also use Apple processors, to be.

Apple's A4
Apple's A4 processor inside the iPad

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That $1 billion price tag is based on building a processor from scratch. Apple didn’t do that with the A4. It’s just an ARM Cortex-A9 packaged with an ARM MALI GPU.

I would expect that Apple’s cost for designing this SOC would be a bit less than a billion dollars. Even at a few hundred million dollars this would still be a fairly sizable invest on Apple’s part, I just don’t think you guys should jump to conclusions that Apple is dropping billions of dollars on this chip.


So maybe half a billion is closer to the mark. Evenso, it’s still a considerable amount for one processor for one device…  or maybe there are more in the pipeline.  What about the next iPhone having an Ax chip? That ought to solve the battery drain problems.  Or a whole series of Ax chips powering a new series of very locked-down devices. Looks like a clear blue sky!


Daemon, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions either,it isn’t a MaliGPU.anyway.


Daemon, you shouldn?t jump to conclusions either,it isn?t a MaliGPU.anyway.



@daemon - Slashgear says MaliGPU but doesn’t cite sources. 
EEtimes thinks not, but has no proof either…

At the end of the article Peter Clarke makes his guess:

My current best guess it that the A4 comprises a dual-core A-class processor tweaked by Apple engineers to take it beyond the stock offering from ARM, together with PowerVR SGX support.

An article from Bright Side suggested the MaliGPU and it was lambasted in the comments so much that they had to update the article to state that they didn’t really know.


supposedly from the Apple SDK. We’ll know in a month or two.

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