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The iPad is already being adopted in businesses, even though it is has been positioned as a consumer media consumption device by Apple. In a report about Apple’s global iPad reach, Reuters found several companies outside the U.S. that are finding ways to use the iPad in their businesses.

A firm in Japan offering wedding services and facilities called Novarese Inc. has begun using iPads to show customers videos of wedding dresses. The company started the implementation in its Ginza shopping district store in Tokyo, and plans to expand iPad use at seven other locations.

“We once considered showing it to customers on laptops but they are heavy. The iPad perfectly fits our demand,” company spokeswoman Kazuka Nohara told Reuters. “We also found something unexpected. Grooms are now more proactive in selecting a wedding dress.”

Also in Japan, Otsuka Pharmaceutical told the news services that it plans on buying 1,300 iPads for use by its sales team.

Qantas airlines of Australia has announced plans for its budget brand, Jetstar, to rent iPads to in-flight customers for AUS$10 (US$8.50) to read ebooks, play games, or watch movies. Global Mundo Tapas, a restaurant in Sydney, has used iPads to replace its paper menus.

High end hotel chain InterContinental is arming its concierges with iPads to use for guest recommendations.

Apple doesn’t have a big track record of success in the business world, and we should note that the examples above are not enterprise deployments of the iPad, but rather examples of businesses who deal directly with their customers finding ways to leverage the iPad’s strengths to provide information and presentations to those customers.

The important aspect of that, however, is that even retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and airlines represent a potentially large revenue stream for Apple, and the company isn’t even trying to directly sell to those businesses.

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Oh bloody heck.
Any day now our sales staff will be in my bosses office asking for these to replace their MacBooks. I wouldn’t mind, less support from our end, the IT office, but I suspect they’ll want all the sales material converted to something optimized for the iPad. The Web Team will be busy.

John Martellaro

This is the expected process of creative people putting a new, innovative product to unexpected uses.  I love it.


The use of iPads as menus in restaurants is intriguing. Would patrons be selecting their order by tapping onscreen the way some servers have done on other handhelds?

But I wonder what happens for a party of 8 or so? And how would the server bring those to you? On a cart? Perhaps this is a small restaurant or an upscale restaurant where prices tend to limit the number of big parties.


This is a bit unexpected, since the iPad is a consumer “tool.”  But maybe some industries are seeking less complexity, rather than more.  I could see these on construction sites, airline baggage handling, police on the beat, even replacing those clunky things the UPS guys use.

I’m gonna watch this space.

Lee Dronick

The use of iPads as menus in restaurants is intriguing…But I wonder what happens for a party of 8 or so? And how would the server bring those to you? On a cart?

Eight iPads would weigh about 12 lbs. Depending on the “server” they may have to make two trips to give each diner an iPad. Yeah, a cart might be necessary.

One nice feature of ordering off on an iPad is that you could get s good estimate of the meal price including tax and gratuity. Also the option reading detailed ingredient and nutritional information.

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