Report: iOS 4.3 with Subscriptions Planned for December

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Apple had been planning to release iOS 4.3 in mid-December (December 13th, to be more precise), according to a report from MacStories. The goal of the release is the inclusion of magazine and newspaper subscriptions through the app store, a feature that will reportedly require an update to the OS.

The timing is set, in part, for the planned launch of The Daily, a newspaper venture being launched for the iPad (and other tablets once other tablets actually sell) by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. As we reported yesterday, The Daily is set to be released in beta form in mid-December for a full launch in early 2011.

If MacStories’ source is correct, Apple will announce the new features on Thursday, December 9th for release on Monday, December 13th.

iOS 4.3?

Ummm…Make it 4.3, and call it December

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Hopefully the 4.3 update will install on the iPad faster than the 4.2.1 update. That took forever.


[T]he 4.2.1 update ... took forever.

Forever? So I guess you’re still staring at the progress bar? Us lesser mortals would have hard-reset and tried again by now LOL

Being the first public upgrade available, I have ask: slow compared to what? Was restoring 3.2 any faster? I found it to be quite normal compared to the former and the interim betas.

This is not your average phone update: repurposing a physical switch for mute takes time, my friends. smile


Does apple’s update affect app creators like iFunia who works on Mac for iDevice?

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